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View the earth in a 3D scale model and locate any country of the world
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Country Locator is an educational software app that allows you to view the earth in a 3D scale model to locate any country and other important places in the world. The program can be operated in two modes: View and Locate.

The View mode allows you to select a country from the list on the right of the main window. After selecting the country, the globe will rotate until the selected country is located, the image of the country will zoom in and fit on the right place of the globe.

The Locate mode is more interesting. The program will randomly show up any country or an important place of the world. With the keyboard’s arrow keys you will be able to move the globe to find the location of the country. You will be able to use the space bar to zoom-in the globe and alternate with the arrow keys to move the globe and place the country in its right location.

You can use the grid map view at any time to delimitate the countries. This option is automatically displayed when zooming-in with the Locate Mode.

Every time you use any of the two operational modes, sound effects are played. You can turn it off and configure other features in the options window.

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  • It has two operational modes. You can let the program locate a country or you can do it manually


  • Trial version doesn't include all the countries and other important places
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